Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH, German BACKUP Initiative

Name and Contact Details: 

Address: Postfach 5180, 65726 Eschborn, Germany
Contact Person: BACKUP Initiative Management Team
Telephone: +496196 79-1599
Fax: +49 6196 79 80-1599

Additional Offices, if any, located in Eastern or Southern Africa: 

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Kampala
Plot 23, Nakasero Road,br> P.O.Box 10346

German Technical Cooperation
GTZ Office Nairobi
P.O. Box 41607
Riverside Westlane, off Riverside Drive

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Addis Ababa
German House
Kirkos Kifle Ketema,Kebele 18
P.O.Box 12631 Addis Ababa

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Dar es Salaam
P.O. Box 1519
65, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a N'Djamena
Rue 3258, Porte 247/Cuvette Saint Martin
Boite Postale 123

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a Kigali
P.O.B. 59
Avenue de Kiyovu 11

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a Bujumbura
B.P. 41,
Ave Prince Louis Rwagasore 46

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a Yaounde
B.P. 7814
Quartier Bastos 74; Rue 1.788

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a Kinshasa
Av. Comite Urbain No. 7
Dem. Rep. Kongo

Cooperation allemande au developpement
Bureau de la GTZ a Antananarivo
Immeuble Assist Ivandry, 3. etage,
Aile gauche - Lot 25-26
B.P. 869

Cooperacao Alema para o Desenvolvimento
Agencia da GTZ em Maputo
Caixa Postal 2766
Av. Francisco Orlando Magumbwe 976

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Windhoek
P.O.Box 8016
88, John Meinert Street

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Lilongwe
Mtendere Drive Area 10, Plot 319
P.O. Box 31131

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office
P.O. Box 13732
Hatfield 0028
South Africa

German Development Cooperation
GTZ Office Lusaka
Private Bag 37X
ZA 15102 Ridgeway

Description of Organization: 

As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. It is based in Eschborn near Frankfurt am Main. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is its major client. GTZ also operates on behalf of other German ministries, partner-country governments and international clients, such as the European Commission, the United Nations, and the World Bank, as well as on behalf of private enterprises. GTZ works on a public-benefit basis. Any surpluses generated are channelled back into its own international cooperation projects for sustainable development. The BACKUP Initiative is funded by BMZ.

The BACKUP Initiative was established by GTZ in 2002, shortly after the creation of the "Global Fund To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria". BACKUP stands for “Building Alliances – Creating Knowledge – Updating Partners” to respond to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. BACKUP offers technical support to government institutions, coordinating bodies, civil society, and private sector organisations as well as to educational and academic institutions, enabling them to make effective use of global health financing in responding to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. As of mid-2007, BACKUP was providing fi nancial and technical support to about 250 activities and projects in 50 countries. Th e innovative approach adopted by BACKUP off ers prompt support where it is most needed and it is widely considered as a useful new mode of international cooperation. The BACKUP Initiative has close strategic partnerships with UN agencies such as ILO, UNAIDS and WHO, as well as with the Global Fund, international nongovernmental organizations, and bilateral partners at country level.


You can contact us in German, English, French and Spanish.

The consultants hired with BACKUP Initiative support will of course have the qualifications and proficiency in the language the partner organization requires.

Mode of Service Provision - More Details: 

Who can apply?

Coordinating bodies, government institutions, civil society organisations, training institutions and private sector organisations which are stakeholders in the processes of global funding are eligible for support from the BACKUP Initiative. The applicant / implementing organisation must be registered as a legal body under national law. Proposals should originate from BMZ’s priority and partner countries1. Proposals which do not fall within a geographical priority region of BMZ may still qualify if they have particularly promising approaches. These require consultation with the BACKUP team prior to proposal submission.

Application Process

Please contact the local GTZ Office and/or the technical staff of GTZ for advice, clarification and information on the application procedure (application forms, etc). In order to provide fast, efficient and unbureaucratic assistance, the BACKUP Initiative has developed three modes with corresponding application forms to suit the individual needs of partner organisations. All proposals will be checked for compliance and quality by the GTZ Office or GTZ technical staff then put forward for approval by the BACKUP team at GTZ Head Office.

1. Fast Access Mode (up to EUR 20,000)

The Fast Access Mode provides quick funds for one-off activities, e.g. reimbursement for Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) planning exercise, sponsorship for participation in conferences or exchange visits, etc.

2. Consultancy Mode (up to EUR 45,000 per consultancy)

The Consultancy Mode provides an opportunity to assign consultants to support CCMs, Principal Recipient PRs and member organisations, especially from civil society, during the Global Fund proposal development and/or implementation stage. Terms of Reference must be defined.

3. Project Mode (up to EUR 200,000 per contract)

The Project Mode caters for small to medium-size projects to support the application process and implementation of globally financed activities and programmes.
The Project Mode requires a brief summary proposal and a logframe that states purpose, outputs, indicators, activities, time frame and budget. Own contributions and contributions from other partners must be clearly stated. After the compliance and quality check by the GTZ Office or GTZ technical staff each proposal will be assessed according to the criteria stated in the Standards & Guidelines by a group of selected experts from organisations of the German Development Cooperation and international agencies. Decisions on proposals are based on the recommendations of the group of experts.

Which general criteria facilitate a smooth application process?

Please ensure that the proposed intervention

  • is in line with country policy and strategies with particular respect to the poverty reduction strategy
  • is in line with the OECD Paris Declaration, the UN Millennium Development Goals, UNAIDS’ “Three Ones”, the Universal Access Initiative and Global Fund principles
  • contributes to one or more expected objectives of the BACKUP Initiative: equitable access to global health funding, scaling up of interventions, improving quality of interventions
  • includes gender-specific approaches and a gender-differentiated analysis of results
  • has been endorsed by a coordinating body (e.g. Country Coordinating Mechanism CCM, National AIDS Coordinating Authority NAC) or a principal recipient of global health funding
  • is not part of a proposal to the Global Fund or other funding sources. The BACKUP Initiative is not in competition with the Global Fund or other funds; however, it aims to facilitate its effective and efficient implementation.

Review process
Our task is to design and implement fair and transparent review processes. Hence all proposals undergo a thorough screening process based on a set of standards and guidelines. We then consult our in-house experts to obtain advice from health planners, AIDS sector project staff and country project officers. In addition, project proposals are forwarded to external experts from various international and national partner organisations (WHO, UNAIDS, ILO, KfW Entwicklungsbank (development bank), German Development Service etc.) in order to assess the proposals and to provide recommendations on technical improvements.

For more information about the review process please refer to our Standards and Guidelines which can be downloaded in English, French, Spanish and Russian at the page "Downloads".


All downloads are provided in English, French, Spanish and Russian at the page Donwloads covering the following areas:

  • Information about the application and review process
  • Application forms for each application mode

Reporting forms for each application mode

Additional Areas of Expertise: 

The BACKUP Initiative offers technical support to partners in the countries in order to increase their capacities and enable them to

  • access the resources provided by global health financing mechanisms
  • scale-up effective programmes responding to HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other major diseases
  • improve the quality of programme implementation.

Thematic areas

Technical support needs assessment
Country proposal development
National coordination and management
Civil society support
Human resources development
Quality management
Health financing
Knowledge management
Monitoring and evaluation
Gender and HIV

Other thematic areas in relation to Global Fund processes and related to national HIV programmes are also eligible for BACKUP support.